Faith in God

How do we get it? 

How do we get faith in God?

Not merely knowing about Him, but having the same trust,confidence and security you imagine you would have, if you had 10 million dollars in the bank.

Think about that for a minute. How would you feel if you had that much or more sitting in the bank and everything you have was paid for. You lacked for nothing and still had all that money.

Would you feel secure and stable? Like you didn't have a care in the world? Every day was awesome and you felt like there was no stress? Wouldn't that be great? Can you feel it?

How do we get confidence like that, even if we don't have that kind of money now?

We go to the Source 

The Bible says in Romans 10:17-- So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

You must understand one thing. Whether you're talking about acquiring money, faith or anything else, you won't get it without doing the work first. You have to chop the wood and put it in the stove before you can get any heat out of it.


If a person wants 10 million dollars, or any other amount, they will have to do the work. That work may be studying to get the knowledge to make smart choices in the investment world, or any other area, then putting it to use by actually going out and doing it.

How much you know is not as important as what you do with the knowledge you have now.

For example; A person that could paint pictures of landscapes fairly well, but was not very good at other types of paintings, could just assume that they would never be able to be a great artist and make lots of money. So they don't.

However, if they did the work it took to learn about and practice other forms of painting, and became good at it, the possibilities would be limitless.

The difference in outcome is in the action; moving forward at whatever pace you can. One step at a time. 

That's how we get that sure faith in God 

We do the work it takes to get that trust and confidence in God. What is that work and how do we do it?

It starts with your Salvation. Once you are saved, you can then begin to learn about and understand God's Word. See Romans 10:8-17. You WILL NEED the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Word.

Now comes the work. All of you lazy whiners can stop reading this now. It won't work for you because you won't work it.


Michael Jordan didn't quit after he didn't make his high school basketball team. He did the work it took to succeed. Where would he be today if he had just given up? 

Where will you be if you give up? 

What are the possibilities if you simply get started today and keep progressing at a steady pace?

Here's the Big Secret. The work you have to do is this:

Cut out the wasteful things in your life, starting with the TV, and start replacing that with time spent with God in His Word.

You will need to have some time alone to read the Word out loud and think on those things that you have read. Remember, faith comes by hearing and hearing.

It's like a seed. We don't know how it grows, but we know that it will if we plant it in good soil.

The Word of God will grow if you plant it in the soil of your heart (spirit). You do that by reading it out loud over and over. You can also read it silently to yourself sometimes. Every bit helps.

If you have a family, then read it to your kids before they go to sleep. Also to your wife or husband. There is some serious power in doing that.

And just as the seed grows, so faith in God will grow inside you; we know not how. I don't know how electricity works either, but that doesn't stop me from plugging in to the power source to operate my tools or appliances.

Plug in to God's Word and feel the power. But remember, you have to plug in every day and stay connected. Then after a time, you will know the feeling of true faith in God. 

P.S.- Jordan probably practiced more than 10 minutes a day, if you get my drift. 

Mitch Ferguson, June 2009

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