How to Keep the Floods of Life
from Drowning You

Why do some drown and others thrive when the floods of life hit? What is it that makes the difference? A fat bank account? A good job with lots of perks? Knowing the right people? Sure, those things wouldn't hurt. But they're no guarantee that you won't drown when the water gets deep.


You need a boat!

Would you agree that it's tough to build a boat in the middle of a flood? Yet that is exactly what a lot of people try to do. They wait until it hits and then start building their boat. You do need a boat at that time, but it's not one you can buy. Everyone must build their own.

Let's take a look at the story of Noah. It has some significant instructions that we need to learn and apply to our lives. God told him to build an ark, a big boat, because there was a flood coming. It was about a hundred years from the time Noah was told to build it until the rain came. I don't know if it took that long to build it or not. Maybe he finished it in 30 or 50 years.

Regardless of how long it took to build, you know he must have been laughed at by everyone else. They weren't laughing when the water got deep. I'll bet they wanted to come on board with him, but they couldn't. It was only for Noah, his family and the animals that God had given him.

Modern Application


I believe that this story is an example of how we have to prepare ourselves. Many people try to operate in faith without doing the work. They try to float without a boat. You will only last so long before you drown. I've made that mistake myself. The Bible says "according to your faith be it done unto you". You must build your faith by putting God's Word into your spirit for as long as it takes to become true and real to you.

Faith comes by hearing over a period of time(Romans 10:17). This means that we as individuals must sit down, undistracted, open the Bible and read it out loud so that we can hear it. Invest time with God and his Word every day. Not merely reading it, but thinking about it and saying it all the time. Work on your boat every day.

Read Mark 11:22-24 over and over until it gets down into your spirit and becomes a part of you. Read it and say it until you truly believe it over your circumstances. Jesus tells us here that whatever we believe and say, we will have in our lives. That's how salvation comes to us; by believing it in our heart (spirit) and saying it with our mouth.

That's how we get everything else in our lives too. What we truly believe in our hearts and say with our mouths is what we get. So start putting into your heart those things that you want to believe from the word of God. Not the bad news of the world.

It takes a lot of effort and commitment, but the only alternative is the same old trash you had before. Think before you speak. This is how you build your ark and keep from drowning.

It's similar to working out. You can't expect to lift big amounts of weight when you first start. You just start with what you can do right now and work up to heavier weights.

Your spirit needs to be built up also with a spiritual work out. The time will come when you will need faith for yourself or your family. You have to prepare for it before hand, not in the middle of the storm. Remember Noah's boat was only for him and his family.

Will you prepare for the flood?

When those storms of life come (and they will) you won't find yourself drowning if you have put the Word in enough and spoken it out of your mouth enough to have your ark completed.

It can take a while to get to that point. So don't put it off another day. What if Noah had just put it off until it started raining? I would not be here to write this and you would not be here to read it.

Excuse me, but I have some ark-building to do.

Mitch Ferguson, May 2009 

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