Are Gluten Free Diets Worth It?

Do you get gassy or have an irregular heartbeat after eating spaghetti or pizza? Gluten free diets may be the solution. I found that eating gluten free foods helped me with both problems.

So, to answer the question of "is it worth it"?, I would say yes for anyone that has these symptoms.

I'm not a doctor or dietician, so you should consult the professional(s) that you feel you need for any physical problems. I'm just sharing what I have learned through trial and error.


Chasing the wrong solution

For many years, I would get a lot of gas from foods like spaghetti, pizza and lasagna. Sometimes I would also get an irregular heartbeat. Then I noticed it would happen after eating breads like in a sandwich. I had read that a lot of people had an allergic reaction to wheat, but I did not make the connection to my situation. I thought it was the spices used in the different foods that caused the problem.

So finally, one day, I started researching gluten free diets. I found out that there are a lot of good alternatives to wheat or any other gluten containing products. I have been using brown rice flour instead of regular flour in different recipes, such as cornbread, and eating bread that is made for gluten free diets.


After doing this for a while, I noticed that I could eat gluten free pasta, like spaghetti or pizza and not have excessive gas from it. The more disturbing problem of an irregular heartbeat was also gone. Not only was I happy, but so was everyone around me! The same goes for all the other foods that can be made gluten free. I feel so much better now. I just wish I had done this many years ago.

I don't have such a bad reaction to gluten that I have to be strict with what I eat, but for the most part I try to avoid it. I can always feel it if I eat the wrong thing. It's more difficult to control when you eat out as opposed to eating at home. I like to cook, so I make things for us that don't have gluten in them. You have to get in the habit of reading labels, which you should be anyway.

I won't try to cover the entire subject here, but if you think you might have a problem with wheat and other gluten containing products, then... 

Don't put it off! 

Start researching and learning about gluten free diets and try it for yourself. Don't wait forever like I did and suffer unnecessarily. It's not that hard to correct. Besides, brown rice is very good for you. It's a great substitute for wheat in a lot of things. Also way better for diabetics than white rice.

In the future, I will be adding some of my gluten free recipes to this site, as well as some of the gluten free foods I've found and use. So check back often and start eating better to feel better! 

What is Gluten Free? 

Mitch Ferguson, July 2009 

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