What Heading is Your Mind On?

You steer a certain heading with a boat or car. So why do you let your thoughts cruise along without controlling their direction?

I'm not talking about the busy-type thoughts that we have all day. Family stuff, finances,work,car maintenance, etc. I mean the subtle, beat-you-down kind that seem to always be there eating away at you. They've been there so long that you usually don't notice them. 

Until they eat a hole in your life. 

What kinds of questions do you ask yourself throughout your day and night? Are they something like this? - How are we ever going to make it in this economy? Why do I always get the short end of the stick? Why are we sick all the time? Why didn't I get a pay raise? Or what types of statements are you repeating to yourself? Something like- I guess we'll never get ahead, I can't get that job, I can't find a job, I never get a break, I can't do anything right, If I had more education things would be better, etc. Do you think that if you continue to rehearse those types of thoughts and questions that you will ever have a chance of changing your heading and outcome in life? Maybe, but the odds are not good.

I think most people realize this fact, yet very few people seem to DO ANYTHING about it.

Why is that? 

Well, there could be several reasons for this. One may be that they just don't know how and they won't seek out the information to accomplish it. They may spend the rest of their lives just wishing for things to improve and wondering why they don't. Others may realize that they need to replace the "negative direction" thoughts with "positive direction" thoughts. But after an attempt at making this happen all at once, they come to the conclusion that it's just too hard and give up. The key to all of this is consistency over time, not trying to do it instantly. Our instant, "want it now" mentality is a more significant problem than most people will acknowledge. Things take time, so we must take the time to do them right.

Let's use an illustration that floats. 

small sailboat

Think of your mind, and the thoughts that bounce around in there, as a boat, say about 14 feet long. This little boat represents your mind when you were a small child. As you grew, so did your boat (mind). The small boat was easy to maneuver because it didn't weigh much. But as the years went by, that boat got to be pretty big. It was harder for it to change heading quickly. So now here you are, all grown up. That little boat is now the size of an aircraft carrier, and that big ship absolutely will not stop or turn quickly. But it can still be maneuvered. It just takes a little more time and effort. It's probably a good idea not to try to turn something that big while going full speed anyway. So just slow it down a bit and start applying some rudder input to get it to turn where you want.


That equates to your tongue being the rudder and steering the ship of your mind. Grab a Bible and read James chapter 3, verses 1-5, so you can see that I didn't just make this up.

Start reducing the negative thoughts and words (slowing it down) and start applying the positive ones with your rudder (tongue). Make no mistake, your thoughts and words are steering your life. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. It's true. We are all proving it out every day.

Just be steady at this and don't try to do it in one day. It will take many days, but the alternative is the same old trash you had before. Seems like a clear choice to me.

Think about it.

It has already worked in the wrong direction. Now you can make it work in the right direction.

And the best part is, nobody can stop you. It doesn't matter what the economy is doing or what the weather is like or how ugly your neighbors dog is. You are the one that has control of the rudder on your ship.

Is it time to change your heading? 

Mitch Ferguson , MARCH, 2009 

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