I just learned a few days ago that a guy I went to high school with is near death. He's about 53 or 54 years old and has been out of work for a while. He's also a diabetic, has been drinking a lot and is in hospice. It seems that he has just given up. 

My wife and I were talking about it, and she said "He must be living without hope". I told her she was exactly right. It's a sad, frustrating thing to have this happen to anyone. But I know how it feels, and I would think that most people could say the same. I can remember being out to sea when I was on a submarine, many feet below the surface; tired, fed up, frustrated and wondering to myself "What in the world am I doing here"? I sometimes have thought "What's the use, I'm not doing anything worthwhile". But something always seemed to keep me going. Most of us can have bad thoughts. 

But that is not God's plan for us.

What is God's plan for us in regards to hope? Well, let me tell you what it's not. It's not some phony- balony version being jammed down our throats by some politician. To start, let's look at Romans 15, verse 13. 

It says "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost".

Now, as I like to do, I'm going to talk about the individual words of this verse and dig in to the meanings from the Greek language, as listed in Strong's Concordance.

Now: 1161 - Moreover.

Hope: 1680 - To anticipate, usually with pleasure; expectation, confidence, faith.

Fill: 4137 - Literally, to cram (a net), perfect, supply.

Joy: 5479 - Calm delight, gladness, exceeding joy.

Peace: 1515 - Prosperity, quietness, rest, set at one again.

Believing: 4100 - To entrust one's spiritual well being to Christ. From 4102 - constancy in such profession.

Abound: 4052 - From 4053 - Beyond, super-abundant, superior in quality, exceeding abundantly above, beyond measure, vehemently.

Power: 1411 - Miraculous power, ability, might, strength, mighty wonderful work.

(Holy) Ghost: 4151 - breath, current of air, Christ's spirit. 

Re-stated with an expanded version:

Now, moreover, the God of hope (confidence, anticipation with pleasure, expectation and faith), fill you, literally cram your net full, perfect and supply you, with all joy (calm delight, gladness and exceeding joy) and peace (prosperity, quietness, rest and set you at one again with Him) in believing, entrusting your spiritual well-being to Christ, (not the television), and that you have constancy in such profession or confession, that you may abound ( go beyond, be super-abundant beyond measure, be vehemently) in hope through the power (miraculous power, ability, might, strength and mighty wonderful work) of the Holy Ghost (the current of air, the very breath we have, given to us by Christ's spirit).

So Have Faith in God, not the things of this world

Focus on what's eternal, not temporary. Trust God, seek Him daily, never give up. 

Mitch Ferguson

6 FEB 2012 

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