Recession? or The Start of Something Big

Most of the media you see, hear or read these days is repeating one word over and over: recession. Or a close relative to it: poor economy, bad economy, hard times, rough going, etc. It's almost enough to make you vomit.

They like to emphasize certain statistics, use words of gloom and doom (like recession) and paint a dismal picture of our future. For instance, unemployment is at 7 or 8 percent, we've lost thousands of jobs, the housing market is horrible, retirement funds are tanking, the auto industry is driving off a cliff and just in case you forgot- the sky is falling.

I know some of these things are at least partially true, but it's not as bad as what most of the media says. Take the unemployment figures. If it really was 8%, that means that we still have 92 out of 100 people that are still working. Even when we're not in a recession it's still at 3% to 5%. We have lost some jobs, but I've seen several other stories on companies that are looking for people to hire. Some companies are actually growing and expanding. Some areas of the country are doing fairly well with home sales and values.

I've got an idea. Why don't we look at this from a different angle? Notice I did not say to use the ostrich approach and stick our heads in the sand, pretending nothing is wrong. What I am saying is this: instead of saying "I can't get out of this mess," let's start saying "What CAN we do to get out of it?" What steps can we take ourselves to start correcting things? Why not use this time we are in as a chance to start something big?

A few ideas -

  1. Make use of the "OFF" button on your TV, radio, etc. Stop listening to all the negative trash. Whatever you focus on is what you will get. When I was learning how to ride a motorcycle, I took the motorcycle safety course. One thing they taught us was to look at or focus on the path where you wanted the bike to go, not an obstacle or place that you wanted to avoid. It works. Focus on what you want!
  2. I once heard someone say "If you discover that you have dug yourself into a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging." Re-evaluate your budget. Especially your spending habits! Write down everything you spend so you can see where your money is going. Then you can "stop digging" in the areas you need to. Get control of your spending. Many good books have been written on this subject. Seek wise counsel and do the work to be in control.
  3. Consider all your options. You may have lost your job, but that could be the start of something big. Maybe you don't need a job. Perhaps you could start your own business. Maybe you do want a job. There are still a lot of companies hiring. Remember: "I can't" won't get anything done. "How can I" will start your mind in the right direction and cause ideas to come to you. Also consider a career change. Even if you still have a job, you can always start your own business part time. Many large companies began this way. Don't get discouraged. Stick with it. Start today. Conditions will never be perfect, recession or not.
  4. Set aside a few minutes in the morning to get your day started right. Just get up 15 minutes early and spend that time either reading, listening to or watching something inspirational or motivational. Decide first thing in the morning what you want and expect from each day. This one thing could turn your life around. If you want double the effect, do this right before you go to sleep also. Begin and end the day in a positive way.
  5. Don't just have faith in a job to provide all your needs. You have a ton of potential. You just need to discover it. Believe that you can find new ways to make money, save money, learn new things or make new friends that could help you find a new career. Believe you can and the money will follow. Our success and prosperity does not depend on what's on the news, but what's in our hearts and minds. It's your attitude that determines your altitude. Not the economy, or the government.
  6. This could be a great time in our lives. The start of something big! Why don't we start our own media campaign for prosperity and success? Don't talk recession! Let that word die a quick death. Help spread the good word! We're on the way up! It's up to us as individuals to do our part to counter all the negative trash being pumped at us daily. Realize that everything starts small, as from a seed, but can grow to be huge. Encourage your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Cooperate, work together and brainstorm. We can and will come out on top!

Mitch Ferguson 26FEB2009

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