Words of Wisdom Have Value

Which Words of Wisdom are the most valuable?

Those that solve your problem. 

Obviously there's no way I can offer a solution to every problem out there. I know there are some who claim they can, but I'm not that gifted. What I can do is offer what I've experienced and learned so that you can read it and learn from it. Then you can correct an unprofitable situation or, better yet, just completely avoid it.

The various subjects I write about will be words of wisdom to you when they can help solve any of your problems. If you don't find anything here for you at this point, then maybe you will have found something for someone you know. So help them out for now and check back later. I will be adding more topics periodically. 

We need words of wisdom for every aspect of our lives.

wise owl

Whatever you're dealing with, if you don't have wisdom on the subject, you are most likely doing it the hard way. Or the expensive way. Or the time-wasting way. Get the picture?

So how do you go about gaining and applying wisdom to what's happening in your life? Well for starters you must realize that none of us knows everything. That we can always use good advice or a little different viewpoint.

Next would be to seek out that help. Look for people that are successful in your area of interest, good books, etc. This involves other factors such as time and responsibility. You must be willing to invest the time it takes to find the level or quality of wisdom needed for your particular set of circumstances. Then, when you have given it enough time and effort, you must take responsibility for your decision.

This may seem like a no-brainer. But from what I've seen a lot more people know this than are actually doing it. I've been guilty of that myself. Investing enough time is very important. Not giving the required time can cause a wrong decision due to incomplete or incorrect information.

Analysis Paralysis

The other side of that coin is continuing to gather info beyond the point of "enough". Being paralyzed by an overload of information. There comes a time when you must act. That's where having a few trusted and competent advisors can help you. And here is where you must take personal responsibility. Weigh all the info and advice. Make your decision.

Then go with it.

Don't blame someone else if it doesn't work out. YOU made the decision, right? Learn from it and repeat the process. In a nutshell, that's how to gain and apply words of wisdom. Don't just operate out of habit.

Think about every step you make. Is your faith in God developed enough? Maintain your balance


It's your day. What will you do with it? Check out the articles here for some ideas. Some may fit your situation perfectly. Some may just be food for thought. Others may help you to see things from a different angle, which has been a great help to me more than once! Redemption Are you facing a mountain? Where's your mind heading? 

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Real Hope It's not always pleasant or fun. But then again, sometimes it is. When you stick with it, you will learn and grow. What's really valuable is getting better and faster at the whole process. That makes every area of your life better. You develop the habit of doing things in a wise way that will give you the best outcome for you.

You do want that, don't you?

Remember, when you're going fishing for Words of Wisdom, don't forget the BAIT.

B-Be humble

A-Ask for advice

I-Invest the time

T-Take responsibility

Mitch Ferguson, April 2009 

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